What is GB Whatsapp?

GB WhatsApp is a mod version that was first introduced by a developer from UAE named OMER “Atnfas Haok” (أتنفس هواك) and his fellows. It has created various applications like OZ, JT, and OGinsta. This is a modern variation. However, various developing companies such as Alexmods, Rafalense, and Hi Mods modify it as per their benefit and experience.

GB WhatsApp APK is an unofficial and advanced version of WhatsApp. It give users a variety of innovative offerings that are not accessible in standard offerings. Shockingly, almost 90% of users are unfamiliar with its existence. This absence of mindfulness can be ascribed to this reality. Most users rely on official application stores, such as Google Play or the Apple Store, for their downloads.

With the expansion of websites usage comes social networking b/w individuals. Its presentation in 2009 made it a huge success, as networking with someone you respect is as easy as having a piece of cake. As we know, WhatsApp is a haven for common people. This is the easiest way to connect with someone, as it offers fast scaffolding for correspondence. Along with instant messages, there can also be a voice call.

It also offers a video call option along with text and voice calls. The offering of video calls was once again an extraordinary advantage for all, as now, one does not need to download an additional appl to make video calls. This saves time, so the web fills in as an extraordinary friend who needs to deal with the inner space of our telephone.


As all of you know, any user uses any app for convenience and security, which is why it is shape with millions of functions. But here we are going to discuss its most useful function. Let’s take a view at these features,

Privacy options

GB WhatsApp has additional privacy settings that are not accessible in the authorized app. These allow you to remove/show your online status, remove/show blue ticks, remove/show double ticks, type status, etc.

Automatic reply

Right off the bat, you can use this automatic reply light whenever you need to reply to one of your contacts. You can use it to promote your business by sending unlimited large messages in any chat or gathering.


Themes were remembered for GBWA APK, and they are currently one of the best elements of the mod. They allow you to change the format of your application at any point you want, however many times you want. Some are still accessible, and its developers are adding them all more regularly.


An anti-revoke highlights chat, meaning that if someone sends any type of message and deletes everyone on their own, you can see those deleted messages.

Bulk Message sender

This device allows you to send bulk messaging highlights, which means you can send unlimited messages to contact and trick your mates with this amazing device.

Send a high-quality photo

From time to time, we need to send images of unique quality, and for that, we use record choice. Currently, GBWhatsApp allows you to send pictures of the best quality.

DND mode

It has an inbuilt don’t upset mode; if you are using any other application on your Android telephone and you have no desire to be disturbed by WhatsApp messages, you can use DND to stop anyone from disturbing you.

Back up and restore

While using this app, it is possible to create a recover of your WhatsApp data and restore it when you delete and reinstall it or update it to the latest version.

Filter messages

The app is built with a filter messages feature, allowing users to clear chat and channel messages.

Application Lock

Application Lock allows you to enter an application and require a pattern, PIN, password, or fingerprint to access your contact messages. This adds a security layer and keeps your private messages hidden from every person who comes to your phone. The PIN and password may be displayed as you type, assuming this.

Text Message Broadcast

You will get the most amazing capability of this app through which you can broadcast your message. You can send it to any gathering.

Share live Location

When you use the application on your portable device, you can provide your live area to any contacts.

Unusual effects

Users can add different effects to their photos and recordings. They look attractive and amazing when you use them in your media before presenting them to other users.

Text style

Expecting that you’ve missed old-fashioned textual styles, you should try new, shocking literary styles. This application provides you with an assortment of different printed styles.

Message history

Moreover, this application helps you with message history. Clients can view the historical background of rejected messages during any visit and gathering.

Alter contacts

You can undoubtedly transform any contact media using these stunning elements.

Mark it as an unread message

While receiving a message notification on WhatsApp, you can check the message without initiating it. It is only open in the latest version of WhatsApp.

Select all Chats

Using this component, you can select all contact chats with just one click.

Log history

In addition, GB WhatsApp APK allows you to view the log history of your contacts,


Another helpful feature of this application is using language defaults as your mother tongue.


One of the amazing highlights of this application is that you will get a notification whenever your contact changes your profile picture.

Pop-up notifications

Using the application, you can hide WhatsApp messages’ pop-up notices.

More Features

  • Always Online Status
  • Dual WhatsApp Use
  • Online Toast
  • Characters of Written Status
  • Custom Chat Bubbles
  • Voice Changer
  • Forward tag disabling
  • Block Contact
  • Message a Number
  • Message Scheduler
  • Name Character Limit of groups
  • Launcher and notification icon 
  • Home and chat screen Background of picture
  • Protect IP Address during the call.
  • Avatar
  • Transfer chat
  • Press enter to send a message.
  • Mass message sender
  • Voice ChangerCalls Disable

How Do I Download and Install the Apk file?

You are here to get information about downloading the GBWA apk file. Then you are on the right platform to get the way to install the app on your device, but there are some requirements for this app to download and use on your device, which are as follows:

  • Minimum 4.4 Andriod version
  • Fast and good  internet connectivity
  • Storage space for Files and media
  • Go to your device’s settings and Enable “Installation from Unknown Sources.”
  • Create a backup of old WhatsApp if you have used any app before.

After ensuring these requirements, complete these simple steps to get your device’s apk or app zip file.

  • Open any browser on your device
  • Search for a reliable website to download GBWhatsApp APK.
  • Then, select the reliable source that offers the latest and updated version.
  • Download the APK file or Zip file by clicking on the button.
  • After the download, locate the APK file in the browser download folder or your device’s file manager.

The next step is to install the app by following the instructions,

  • Click on the APK file to start the installation.
  • You may be prompted to authorize installation from an unknown source. Enable this choice in your device settings whenever needed.
  • Then, it will guide you through the conversation. Read and acknowledge any important permissions or policies. Installation is complete; the GB WhatsApp application icon is on your phone’s home screen or in the application cabinet.

How to launch the application?

After installation follow these steps to configure the application.

  • Find and click the GB WhatsApp logo in the in-app display.
  • After verifying the number through OTP, a screen shows where you want your portable number to go to the resulting step.
  • Then, you expect a reinforcement, and two decisions appear. To restore it, Hit on the Restore option. If not, decide to drop.
  • Next, create your username and use its unique Features.

Drawbacks of GBWhatsApp

Of course, every Android application will have its pros and cons. These features or vulnerabilities may be related to the implementation or application installation bundle.

In addition, there may be additional items in the app. Next are the disadvantages of GBWhatsApp:

  • Regular updates.
  • Not official.
  • It may get banned.
  • It does not work with the Android version below 4.0.3.
  • Tracking down a website to download updates quickly without promotions is difficult.

Is GB WhatsApp safe?

This is what the majority are worried about. In the context of criticism from users, especially those physically downloading and using the APK, I have noticed that most have not encountered any malicious attacks and are using it well. In any case, a few people may face unfortunate login or information issues.

After my initial, I noticed that you won’t face any dangerous issues if you download from a safe site. Additionally, even though you cannot sign in effectively if you uninstall the old application and download the upgraded one again, this may resolve the issue.

Another inquiry that people are more concerned about is the issue of information leakage. Due to the identity of GB WhatsApp, it is necessary to download it on the site. Many sites give channels to download GBWhatsApp apk; still, there are some uncertain sites, so you should focus on downloading safe renditions.


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Can we transfer all information from official WhatsApp to GB mod apk anytime?

Final Words

GB WhatsApp Download offers WhatsApp users a huge range of customization options, advanced privacy settings, and additional features that enhance the user’s overall usage experience. While it provides flexibility and personalization, users should also know about the potential risks of using modified apps. It is essential to download GBWhatsApp from trusted sources and exercise caution when using it.

Despite these risks, many users find the app a valuable tool to customize and enjoy enhanced features unavailable in any of the official apps. Users can decide whether it suits their preferences and needs by understanding these features, benefits, and considerations of WhatsApp GB.

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